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  • Lopamudra Banerjee
    Mar 6, 2001
      I work for a non-governmental organisation called Centre for Science and

      Environment based in New Delhi (India). We conduct extensive research

      on vehicular air pollution and abatement measures.

      I had written to the carfree discussion forum about information on carfree
      cities all over the world and had got an overwhelming response. Hope to
      get the same this time round.

      We are planning to write an article on the importance of creating
      bicycling facilities here in Delhi to control vehicular pollution. We
      would like to include experiences from all over the world about
      creating exclusive bicycle lanes.

      We would be very grateful if you could tell us about which are the cities
      that have gone for promoting bicycling in Europe and the US and how
      successful has it been in reducing car usage and air pollution.

      Please feel free to give as detailed informatin as possible. You could
      also refer me to the websites that will give us the relevant
      information.Would also love to publish good photographs of bicycle
      Thanks and regards
      Ms Lopa

      Lopamudra Banerjee
      Air Pollution Control Unit
      Centre for Science and Environment
      41, Tughlakabad Institutional Area
      New Delhi - 110062
      Tel: 6081110, 6081124, 6086399
      Extension: 222
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