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2725RE: [carfree_cities] Bus Rapid Transit

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  • J.H. Crawford
    Mar 5, 2001
      Ryan Lanyon replied:

      >I think you mean at grade stations are cheaper to build. I disagree with
      >your argument that bus-only stations would be at-grade. If the system was
      >entirely built at grade, then it would not provide rapid transit. Take the
      >downtown core, for example, where the buses do run at grade. It provides a
      >slower service because of the need to stop at crossings. Grade separation
      >speeds up the system, and has nothing to do with modal choice.

      Right. Grade separation is almost essential. And I hope we agree
      that the only direction to go is down, never up!

      >I think this is really a planning failure, not a failure of a bus-only
      >system. Baseline Station is a very large transfer point, where local routes
      >feed into the rapid transit system. Unfortunately, there is a six-lane
      >arterial on one side, and a large parking lot on the other. Pedestrian and
      >cyclist traffic abounds, but there are still no services or transit-based
      >infill development.

      This is what's wrong with taking the easy way out: building rapid
      transit systems down the middle of freeway meidans. It's quick
      and cheap, and the stations are anywhere near anything useful.
      Fundamental error.

      >Again, the choice of mode for rapid transit does not affect this. If a rail
      >system exists, it still has feeder bus routes. In Toronto, numerous buses
      >feed into the Finch subway station (not just from the north), so the entire
      >public transit network still reaches into the cul-de-sacs and reduces the
      >amount of active transportation.

      Well, if the area is dense enough (a la Manhattan), it has ONLY rail.

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