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262RE: [carfree_cities] Hands across the pacific...

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  • Wade Eide
    May 8, 2000
      At 18:13 02-05-00 -0400, you wrote:
      >Henning Mortensen wrote:
      > >Actually I live in Canada, worse... out on the frigid prairie. I have to
      > >weigh all these proposals against -40C weather. Makes that 5 minute walk a
      > >little more daunting. One nice thing about the internal combustion engine
      > >that it wastes a lot of energy in heat!
      >Your Canadian as well? That makes three of us, Louis-Luc, my self and you.
      >Which of the three prairie provinces do you live in? Here is Montreal
      >winters can get damn cold just like out west. Riding a bike when it's -30C
      >through snow drifts ain't easy, walking can be hard if the side walks
      >haven't been ploughed. Bike path's can be good for cross country skiing. The
      >heat issue is important for people in our climate.
      >Maybe some one on the list with Scandinavian connections might have other
      >suggestions? Dawson

      Well, my grandparents were from Norway, so I guess that counts as a
      Scandinavian connection. And I live in Montreal. (Guess that makes at least
      3 of us on this list!)

      Five or six years ago, I kinda decided to push my biking season as far as I
      could. I ended up riding through the whole winter, only wimping out a
      couple of times. Two winters ago, I discovered the miracle of studded
      tires. Now I never miss a day of cycling because of the weather.

      What made me think that winter cycling must be possible was watching the
      intrepid bike couriers who brave just about any kind of weather. So I
      figured that if those twenty-something kids can do, by golly, so can I! I
      discovered that not only could I, but I also realised how easy it is. The
      cold is not a factor except for its effects on the bike itself. Dressing is
      similar to cross-country skiing. So far, I haven't reached my coldest
      limit; it doesn't often go below -30C here, but my limit is well below
      that. I've actually found it to be the greatest way to keep warm in
      winter-I usually have to open my jacket by the time I get to work in order
      to dissipate the heat I generate. I've also found that biking makes the
      winter so much more fun. By late fall, I'm almost yearning for that first
      snowfall. Almost.

      Every winter, there are more and more of us icebikers out on the streets of
      Montreal. And I've seen them in Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa as well.
      Winter cycling may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it sure works for me!

      For anyone interested in winter cycling, here is the "official" icebikers'
      web page:

      Wade Eide
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