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2503RE: [carfree_cities] Car Free Cities

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  • Ronald Dawson
    Feb 8, 2001
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      J.H. Crawford wrote:

      >>One last point, if someone its me at speed, in a car that exceeds the
      >>car' spec, can we not make the manufacturer and retailer take some
      >>responsibility? They sold a machine that was dangerously over powered and
      >>encouraged an irresponsible attitude in the driver.

      >I've often wondered why the manufacturers are not routinely
      >sued in any case in which speeds in excess of the posted
      >65 mph (in the USA) are involved. It would be simple to prove
      >in court that the manufacturers are encouraging illegal
      >behaviour. Take this quote (from the book):

      Do you think speed governors or photo radar would help? Dawson
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