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2493Re: [carfree_cities] Car Free Cities

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  • Doug Salzmann
    Feb 8, 2001
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      At 06:07 PM 2/7/2001, Andrew wrote in part:

      >Andy Morris wrote:
      > > Being a car-free individual in a car-addicted city is
      > > hard. Once you own a car, the perceived incremental cost per journey is
      > > lower than public transport.
      > >> This is not true- the car is still very expensive to maintain and if
      > you put a
      >cost on life, it is definitely cheaper to take public transportation,
      >when every 40 seconds somebody dies from an automobile (American Public
      >Transportation Association).

      Hi, Andrew.

      I don't think Andy meant that the per-journey cost of auto operation is
      lower than public transit. He was reminding us that, once a car owner is
      paying all of the other costs of ownership, it may *seem* to that owner
      that the additional (incremental) cost of hopping into the car for a trip
      to the store is very low, perhaps even cheaper than taking the tram or bus.

      This problem of perceived cost is a major barrier to discussing the
      relative economies of auto operation vs. public transit. So many of the
      costs of automobility are either hidden or paid by society as a whole that
      it often seems much cheaper than it really is.

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