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  • Oliver Hayden
    Mar 30, 2000
      Hi folks,

      I get the carfree e-mails as part of a digest daily, and today it was a
      mess. Obviously, the server that distributes these e-mails does not
      deal well at all with HTML or Rich Text e-mails, so I request that
      anyone posting (and perhaps this should be included in the welcome
      message) to the group sends plain text e-mails. Most e-mail software
      has this as an option, including Microsoft products.

      Now that I've griped to everyone - I want to introduce myself. I have
      been a loyal follower of Carfree for a few years now, and am excited
      that this forum now exists. I recently moved from the heart of
      Washington, DC (the Adams Morgan neighborhood - a must if you visit the
      US Capital) across the country to the heart of Eugene, Oregon, a
      sleepy, somewhat hippied-out community at the Southern end of the
      Willamette Valley. Besides working two jobs, I am doing an internship
      at the city planning department here, which is quite educational. I'm
      learning that I don't want to be another beaurocrat making teensy
      weensy incremental changes in an enormous pile of regulations.

      Anyway, I thought I'd say "HI" and that I'm happy to be along for the


      Oliver Hayden

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