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222RE: [carfree_cities] Hands across the pacific...

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  • Ronald Dawson
    May 3, 2000
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      Luco wrote:
      >For the -30*C, I imagine instead of buying expensive
      >cars people have enough money to get a *real* winter
      >gear, and insulating tuques, mitts or gloves,.... The
      >Man has always been able to fight cold weather in
      >Canada since Jacques Cartier docked here in 1534, way
      >before cars arrived.

      We also have to give credit to the Native Americans.

      >This winter I felt lucky when riding on the train and
      >arriving on time co-worker arrived
      >1.5 hours later by car because there was a snowstorm.
      >I also felt lucky just having to plow the width of a
      >man between my balcony and the street, no real need
      >for a large snow blower when there's no car.

      It's interesting what can be brought about by a snow storm.
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