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2193Re: [carfree_cities] Carfree Development List

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  • J.H. Crawford
    Jan 6, 2001
      Henning Mortensen said:

      >>* Copenhagen: ... and don't forget Christiania!
      >Christiania, while noteworthy for a number of reasons is not what I would
      >consider a car-free area. Being only a few blocks large it is hardly
      >noteworthy next to the 20 or so blocks of Stroget, which is only about 1/2
      >mile away.

      I've been there, and I think it's just large enough to be worthy
      of inclusion. It is, after all, a self-contained community that's
      carfree and includes several streets.


      J.H. Crawford Carfree Cities
      postmaster@... Carfree.com
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