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2155RE: [carfree_cities] Re: No phone, no lights, no motor cars

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  • Ronald Dawson
    Jan 4, 2001
      Robert J. Matter wrote:
      >> Push mowers would be cheaper, though they require a bit more labour.

      >Generally when you see them using a gasoline lawnmower it is on the edges
      >ditches where there is a dense thicket.

      O.K., but maybe a brush mower or a scythe would be better?

      >> plus I believe they can use pay phones?

      >I guess so. I see an occasional pay phone booth on the roadside. They are
      >plain white structures with peaked roofs that fit in with the surrounding
      >farmhouses. About the size of an outhouse.

      I'm surprised that they would be decorated.

      >> Also, this might seem weird, but in Elmira, Ontario there is actually a
      >> McDonald's with hitching posts.

      >Oh yeah, all the businesses have hitching posts in Amish country. The La
      >Grange county courthouse has hitching posts in the rear. Here's a buggy in
      >downtown La Grange

      I like the photo, it's also interesting seeing all that brick work
      underneath the asphalt. Dawson
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