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2149Re: [carfree_cities] Re: What is a carfree area?

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  • J.H. Crawford
    Jan 4, 2001
      Re the discussion of what makes an area carfree:

      First of all, I'd suggest ruling out any area that
      is not open 24 hours a day to any member of the public
      free of charge. No Disneylands.

      Second, I'd rather not be absolutist about carfreedom.
      We should, however, note any exceptions to true
      carfree status. This ought to include delivery vehicles,
      residents, etc.

      Third, the quesiton of the size of the area is important.
      Single streets, unless unusually long, don't qualify IMHO.

      Fourth, "busways" are not carfree areas. Take the
      bus-and-taxi-only street in Vancounver. It's really
      no better than an ordinary car-infested street, except
      that the traffic is a little lighter.

      Fifth, rural areas are not relevant. That doesn't mean,
      however, that small, dense towns in rural areas shouldn't
      be included if they are substantially carfree.

      I don't think Manhattan deserves a listing. It's true that
      one can (must, even!) live carfree in Manhattan, but car,
      truck, and bus traffic is a huge quality-of-life issue in

      Let's decide on the important criteria. Stickerguy Pete has
      proposed to develop a database. In the mean time, I'll maintain
      the listing at:


      which has recently been further revised.

      This whole topic generated a lot of discussion last summer
      at Ecoplan:


      but no final result was generated. Those following this
      discussion should probably have a look at the Ecoplan
      discussion for further thoughts and ideas.

      Let's build a set of criteria (as simple as possible)
      and set up a matrix. Suggested criteria:

      degree of carfree-ness
      size of carfree area
      nature of the area (residential, mixed use, shopping area, etc.)

      Further thoughts?


      J.H. Crawford Carfree Cities
      postmaster@... Carfree.com
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