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2145RE: [carfree_cities] Re: No phone, no lights, no motor cars

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  • Ronald Dawson
    Jan 3, 2001
      Robert J. Matter wrote:
      >> Is Amish Paradise totally carfree?

      >The Amish are carfree. For the most part they are internal combustion
      >free. You see an occasional lawnmower but that's about it.

      Push mowers would be cheaper, though they require a bit more labour.

      >They use horse drawn farm implements in the fields. They can accept a ride
      in >a car, but I don't see many in cars. Mennonites are not quite as strict
      >regards to modern conveniences and they often have cars.

      With Mennonites it depends on which order. New Order Mennonites will some
      times drive cars, but Old Order Mennonites won't. Though I have seem them
      ride trains http://www.waterloostjacobrailway.com , plus I believe they can
      use pay phones?

      Also, this might seem weird, but in Elmira, Ontario there is actually a
      McDonald's with hitching posts.

      >You see Amish on bicycles occasionally. I guess one of them is building
      >selling long wheelbase recumbents. I saw an Amish guy riding one across
      >road up ahead of me once but he disappeared before I got to talk to him.

      I'm sorry that I can't say, that I have ever seen a Mennonite on a bicycle.
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