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2141Carfree Development List

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  • Stickerguy Pete
    Jan 3, 2001
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      Thanks to all for contributing to this list. I'm excited
      about this project and will be putting it together for
      the next year or so. I'd like for it to be as complete
      as possible, with any details we can get about ratios
      of green space to paved space, photos, maps, data
      about public transport systems, the whole nine yards.

      To address some comments I've seen so far on the list:

      * Mike Lacey makes a great point that we should use care in what
      we call carfree development. I think I will separate the
      database into different levels of carfree-ness. Ie, historic
      core, neighborhood, street, etc. We can definitely have
      a paragraph describing the amount of car-dependence
      that still exists under a link from each listing. We can go
      into as much detail as we need. For now, I'm just throwing
      everything into a sloppy text file, but once I'm ready to
      really start working on this (mid-February), I'll develop
      a fancy-ish Filemaker database.

      * About Manhattan: is that 90% carfree statistic accurate?
      Is there a source I can reference?

      * About Mont St. Michel, France: can we get some details
      about just how carfree this town is?

      * Copenhagen: ... and don't forget Christiania!

      * Any links on the web about Bhaktapur?

      * When I went to Zermatt, I went by train. Same for Venice
      (although there are parking garages at the ntrance to the old city)

      Thanks everyone!
      - Pete

      Sticker Guy! / 702 Records
      Po Box 204 Reno NV 89504
      ph 775-358-7865 fx 775-358-2453

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