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2140Re: [carfree_cities] Re: No phone, no lights, no motor cars

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  • Robert J. Matter
    Jan 3, 2001
      Louis-Luc Le Guerrier wrote:
      > Yeah. I've heard of the Amish community. They're located in
      > New Hampshire (North-east US state). They ride horses, and generally
      > live like people did 100 years ago.

      There are Amish communities scattered throughout the states. Northcentral Indiana has a large contingent of Amish and Mennonites (Goshen, Shipshewana, Topeka, La Grange, Howe). So does Lancaster, PA.

      > Is Amish Paradise totally carfree?

      The Amish are carfree. For the most part they are internal combustion engine free. You see an occasional lawnmower but that's about it. They use horse drawn farm implements in the fields. They can accept a ride in a car, but I don't see many in cars. Mennonites are not quite as strict in regards to modern conveniences and they often have cars.

      > Are modern citizens living within Amish community required to be carfree?

      Unfortunately, no. I feel so bad when I see the white crosses along the road in Amish country where automobiles struck buggies and killed the occupants. And since the Amish live in rural areas, the modern citizens that are out there tend to be sprawlers living in new subdivisions and McMansions. They have big ol' honkin' SUVS and they drive FAST.

      If anyone on the list gets the chance, I highly recommend going on the Amish Land & Lakes bicycle tour held every fall in Howe, Indiana. It is organized by the Michiana Bicycle Club.

      On the Saturday leg of the tour, a lot of the Amish children sell cookies, donuts, ice cream, and lemonade by the roadside. I have found them to be very pleasant and polite young people. The Amish have large white farmhouses with vegetable gardens in the front yard borderd by beautiful flowers, like this http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/Villa/3057/amish04.jpg. It is very nice countryside to bicyle in.

      You see Amish on bicycles occasionally. I guess one of them is building and selling long wheelbase recumbents. I saw an Amish guy riding one across the road up ahead of me once but he disappeared before I got to talk to him.

      > May 2001 lead to more progress for our carfree and transit projects.
      > Louis-Luc

      Well at least we have a decent transportation secretary. Eveything else looks like it will go to hell for the next four years though.

      -Bob Matter
      Hammond, IN
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