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  • Luco
    May 3, 2000
      About winter, I don't envy car drivers at all, not even
      more than during summer. That's true that biking is
      more troublesome, but yes it can be replaced by X-country
      skis, especially if we get rid of cars and if we
      leave the snow on a portion of the street for skiing.
      Snow removal is another issue, but we could imagine
      keeping the small caterpillar sidewalk snow plowers to
      remove snow on the portion of the street reserved for
      walking and winter biking, leaving the snow drift heap
      next to the ski lanes. Therefore there is more space
      to keep the snow and it doesn't have to be carried by
      trucks. AND the snow is WHITE, not brown or dirty gray.

      For the -30*C, I imagine instead of buying expensive
      cars people have enough money to get a *real* winter
      gear, and insulating tuques, mitts or gloves,.... The
      Man has always been able to fight cold weather in
      Canada since Jacques Cartier docked here in 1534, way
      before cars arrived.

      This winter I felt lucky when riding on the train and
      arriving on time co-worker arrived
      1.5 hours later by car because there was a snowstorm.
      I also felt lucky just having to plow the width of a
      man between my balcony and the street, no real need
      for a large snow blower when there's no car.


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      > Henning Mortensen wrote:
      > >Actually I live in Canada, worse... out on the frigid prairie. I have to
      > >weigh all these proposals against -40C weather. Makes that 5
      > minute walk a
      > >little more daunting. One nice thing about the internal combustion engine
      > is
      > >that it wastes a lot of energy in heat!
      > Your Canadian as well? That makes three of us, Louis-Luc, my self and you.
      > Which of the three prairie provinces do you live in? Here is Montreal
      > winters can get damn cold just like out west. Riding a bike when it's -30C
      > through snow drifts ain't easy, walking can be hard if the side walks
      > haven't been ploughed. Bike path's can be good for cross country
      > skiing. The
      > heat issue is important for people in our climate.
      > When you wrote: "One nice thing about the internal combustion engine is
      > that it wastes a lot of energy in heat!" Consider people that do use cars,
      > there is also all that energy shoveling snow (or paying somebody like with
      > pickup truck and a plough), trying to start a car in the cold and all the
      > time it takes to do that. There is also that ice factor, that turns roads
      > into skating rinks. Salt is placed on roads for extra traction,
      > but when the
      > snow and ice melt in the spring that salt gets into the
      > eco-system. Sand and
      > gravel can also help.
      > With this public transit becomes very important. Buses can handle
      > snow with
      > ease. Trains and trams can tackle extreme snow, ice is still a problem at
      > points/switches, the way around that is to have switch heaters.
      > Maybe some one on the list with Scandinavian connections might have other
      > suggestions? Dawson
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