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1979RE: [carfree_cities] Something for everyone....

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  • Henning Mortensen
    Dec 1, 2000
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      Thanks Ryan,

      That is how I took it too, but couldn't quite reconsile the valuation.
      Actually, I got some clarification on this last night. First off, they were
      talking about a "base tax". They wanted to set a minimum level of taxation
      that every homeowner pays. Basically this would raise taxes for low income
      families and lower them for high income families. Thankfully the idea was
      defeated by a margin of 8:3. I would like to know who the 3 Neanderthals


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      >Subject: RE: [carfree_cities] Something for everyone....
      >Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 09:55:16 -0500
      >In income tax terms a 'flat tax' means everyone pays the same rate,
      >regardless of income level. With property tax I imagine everyone would pay
      >the same rate, regardless of value. I'm not sure if it would be a flat tax
      >based on number of buildings, square footage, or size of the land. Flat
      >taxes in income are considered regressive because they do little to
      >redistribute wealth.

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