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1977RE: [carfree_cities] Something for everyone....

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  • Lanyon, Ryan
    Dec 1, 2000
      What's really great is that there's a provincially imposed ceiling on
      property taxes for commercial land, forcing the burden of cost (from
      downloaded services!) to the residential tax base.

      This discussion (and others) lead me to question the utility of a property
      tax. Generally, it does not redistribute wealth as accurately as other
      taxes, it is widely subject to economic cycles, and it does not address
      one's ability to pay. Do municipalities in other jurisdictions levy income
      taxes or sales taxes, in addition to property taxes? AFAIK, municipalities
      in Ontario (and Canada) may only levy property tax and charge user fees for

      I suppose the other question is what do those taxes pay for? We've got more
      'soft' services coming from the property tax base than we used to, competing
      for scarce resources with 'hard' services (municipalities are not allowed to
      run deficits anymore). The good news is that this had led to a tighter
      evaluation of the need for new and expanded roads. The public is also much
      more aware of how much the transportation system costs.


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      > Lanyon, Ryan wrote:
      > >In Ontario, we recently moved to an actual value assessment for property
      > >taxes. Part of the problem is that those who purchased a property in an
      > >affordable neighbourhood many decades ago may now find themselves
      > retired,
      > >on a fixed income, house paid off, but land values around them have
      > >skyrocketed. This is typical in middle class and affluent inner city
      > areas
      > >that were cheaper in the 60s and have since been revitalized. The case
      > of
      > >the widowed grandmother living in Ottawa's Glebe who can no longer afford
      > >her property taxes is commonly cited.
      > Well that's Mike Harris and the "Nonsense Revolution (TM)" for you.
      > Dawson
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