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185RE: [carfree_cities] "Solving the problem of the automobile"

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  • Luco
    May 1 1:47 PM
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      > From: Sam Hodgkinson [mailto:shodgkinson@...]
      > Sent: 30/04/2000 05:50
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      > Subject: [carfree_cities] "Solving the problem of the automobile"
      > "Solving the problem of the automobile"
      > Well, it's a bloody big one, isn't it?
      > Where can we start?...
      > Who is the person responsible???
      > Can we resurrect Henry Ford and give him a good spanking?
      > I wonder - I'd certainly love to leave the biggest bruise on his bum!
      > Sam.
      > : P
      Agree with you 100%. Almost all inventions the Man did are an
      improvement: radio, TV, telephone, computer, house, telescope,
      and even the wheel (wheelchair, bicycle, cart, and record player).

      None of the above will endanger human life and environment, but
      the car is the worst invention the man ever made because it's
      dangerous. Everyday I hear between 3 to 5 people die or are
      hurt by the car or truck and that sucks, even more if the victim is a
      pedestrian or a cyclist.

      A suggestion of a thing to do is to gather everyone who wants a
      carfree city and build one. I'm sure there is a sufficient number
      of people in many countries who'd like to move to a carfree city
      designed especially for them in their country. Lyon in France is
      a good example. If France citizens who desire to live in a carfree
      environment decide to move to Lyon, chances are that authorities
      will have to realize some part (and eventually all part) of Lyon
      must become carfree. Once we set up a real one, the citizens of surrounding
      cities (and maybe elsewhere too) still stuck in traffic jams may also
      realize Lyon offers a better life quality and convert their city too.

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