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1812Re: Seattle monorail.

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  • Mike Lacey
    Nov 1, 2000
      my problem with monorail is that from street level the track looks
      like an elevated freeway and thenegative effect on street livability
      is probaly comprobable. The name of the pressure group says it
      well "rise above it all" - and presumably leave the old city to die,
      the urban renewal specialists of the 50s and 60s had similar ideas.

      Trams/Streetcars work so well because they mesh with the existing
      fabric of the city, ensuring a lively buzz at street level. San
      Francisco has a fleet of streetcars that must give and take with
      other street traffic. They are slow but always packed and as such
      they enrich the city, rather than subtract from it.


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      > I saw this at ENN, also on the second page there is nice photo of a
      > commuter train.
      > http://www.enn.com/enn-features-
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