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1662Re: Any existing car free cities in US?

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  • Mark Watson
    Oct 6 10:41 AM
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      Hi Guy,

      Are you inferring that members of this list are not carfree or car-lite? No
      poll has been conducted that I know of. Egroups has that capability.
      Although I'm not sure it should make a difference.

      I read somewhere, maybe here, this analogy: A drug addict doesn't need to
      be clean in order to say to his fellow addicts, "This sucks! Let's work
      toward quitting."

      We are trying, in our own way, to bring about the revolution. Some of us
      chose a house, job, etc. before enlightenment. So it is harder. [But my
      PCFD was Sept 1st, & my car hasn't move since.]

      Leading by example is a good, but not the only, way to fight the fight.

      Also, I believe that this list is more concerned w/ changing the built
      environment to get rid of the need for cars in cities. Not the day-to-day
      struggles of being carfree in the current world.

      A better source for that may be the CarFree list.

      RE:San Diego, Bill Volk bvolk@... is member of that list & may be
      able to help you in your local efforts. Please keep this list informed on
      your progress. I am especially interested because that's my home town & I
      still have family there.


      ride safe. ride often. ride everywhere.

      Mark Watson __o

      mark_a_watson@... Seattle, WA, USA
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