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1631RE: [carfree_cities] Re: Any existing car free cities in US?

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  • Louis-Luc Le Guerrier
    Oct 1, 2000
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      > Subject: [carfree_cities] Re: Any existing car free cities in US?
      > > What about a carefree block? Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone
      > on
      > > a single block agreed to remove the street and their driveways. In
      > > their place they could plant flowers, vegetables and grass. Isn't
      > it
      > > amazing the idea of simply removing a single block is so
      > outrageous?
      > > I live in Cambridge MA (where unfortunately houses cost a small
      > > fortune) but I would be more than happy to talk with anyone
      > > interested
      > > in this idea.
      Excellent idea! In the house I currently live in, there is driveway for
      6 cars. In winter it takes an hour with a snow blower to remove snow, and
      in the summer, all pines, small fruit, and leaves fall from trees, and they
      use a gas sweeper to blow this away. Nearly half of the lot is dedicated
      to cars. If I have a chance to buy a house that has a driveway, I'll first
      modify the lot. I'll put a nice plant jar, or another ornament in the middle
      of the driveway right next to the public sidewalk. Later I'll make a patio
      and picnic table on the asphalt. If there are trees next to it, I guess I'll
      remove the asphalt and put lawn. I'll make a nice concrete or brick wide
      walkway right in front of my front door leading to the city walkway. If
      there is a garage, I can't imagine all the ways I can make use of it instead
      of storing a car: put bikes, carts, lawnmower, garden tools, wheelbarrow, or
      even have enough room for a billard table!

      > In the last year or so, I too have dreamed about creating a car-free
      > community somewhere, or redesigning an existing town or urban center
      > to operate without that iron shield we've wedged between ourselves
      > and our neighbors. There has to be enough of us, like-minded folk to
      > make this possible.
      Yes. We just need to gather our forces and start a real project.
      It's contradictory. Real estate agents show that houses on a cul-de-sac as
      an advantage because it's nearly carfree, but some people who buy such a
      house may not separate from his car.

      > I live in Marin county, just north of San Francisco, the so-called
      > birthplace of mountain biking. You'd be quite shocked to see the
      > amount of car (and SUV !?!) traffic clogging the streets of our
      > towns, and an abysmal rate of carpooling I might add. I stand guilty
      > myself, as there is no plausible way to get my children to school
      > that doesn't require an automobile. And, we've NO schoolbus in the
      > district either. 4.6 miles, 1 mountain, and a crowded freeway stand
      > between home and school. Although a relocation is planned, I've not
      > yet found a workable option.
      It's typically the worst situation there could be for a child to grow. They
      can't walk or bike to school, and I guess they can't play in the streets,
      and they don't even have a school bus. I feel so sad thinking a person
      (especially a child) with good health, 2 arms and 2 legs, can't make it to
      school or work because of those cars.

      Me too, I plan to relocate as soon as I find a true carfree city, even if
      Montreal is not that bad regarding transit. That's my ultimate life goal,
      and I want to meet as many people as I can who have the same goal to serve
      our project.

      I sincerely wish you good luck to find a better place in your case.

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