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1627Re: Any existing car free cities in US?

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  • sarati@email.com
    Sep 30, 2000
      > What about a carefree block? Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone
      > a single block agreed to remove the street and their driveways. In
      > their place they could plant flowers, vegetables and grass. Isn't
      > amazing the idea of simply removing a single block is so
      > I live in Cambridge MA (where unfortunately houses cost a small
      > fortune) but I would be more than happy to talk with anyone
      > interested
      > in this idea.

      In the last year or so, I too have dreamed about creating a car-free
      community somewhere, or redesigning an existing town or urban center
      to operate without that iron shield we've wedged between ourselves
      and our neighbors. There has to be enough of us, like-minded folk to
      make this possible.

      I live in Marin county, just north of San Francisco, the so-called
      birthplace of mountain biking. You'd be quite shocked to see the
      amount of car (and SUV !?!) traffic clogging the streets of our
      towns, and an abysmal rate of carpooling I might add. I stand guilty
      myself, as there is no plausible way to get my children to school
      that doesn't require an automobile. And, we've NO schoolbus in the
      district either. 4.6 miles, 1 mountain, and a crowded freeway stand
      between home and school. Although a relocation is planned, I've not
      yet found a workable option.

      As for ideas on converting blocks or districts, I'm looking at
      Alameda - for those of you familiar with the bay area. It is
      virtually an island, with ferry service to San Francisco, near an
      International Airport (Oakland) and even close to a BART line. I'm
      not sure what is happening to the old military base, but if
      available, it could be completely redesigned. I think Alameda is a
      perfect size - large enough to support a thriving car-free community
      with shops, neighborhoods, schools, business and offices, the
      question is how do you convice the homeowners and business owners?

      Oh, I'm very pleased to have found this forum, I've been reading
      through some of the archived discussions and hope to get to know you
      all better in the time to come. I'm also very much looking forward to
      reading Carfree Cities, the website is amazing.

      Susan Arati
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