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1487RE: [carfree_cities] New Directions

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  • Louis-Luc Le Guerrier
    Sep 13, 2000
      > On September 21, 22, 24, the nations of the EU (and other
      > countries as well) will hold an annual carfree day.
      > Nearly 1000 cities will take part, none of them in
      > the USA or Canada. Now, given that we are facing an energy
      > crisis and that everyone's attention is focused on this
      > issue by the deluge of media coverage, why is nobody
      > talking about the fact that no US or Canadian city has
      > seen fit to jump on the carfree day bandwagon?
      I'm making an event in Chapters bookstors on Sept 21st at 7PM to promote
      Joel's book and the carfree concept in general. I'll be there along with a
      handful of friends in favor of going carfree. My friend (Marc) found 3 of
      his friends who are also in favor of removing cars. Unfortunately, we don't
      have dedicated a carfree zone for the Carfree Day yet.

      I've made a promotion sheet in both English and French explaining clearly
      the tremendous advantages we obtain if we live and move around in a carfree
      environment. I got the major university campuses to pin the sheet on their
      bulletin boards. I left a pile of sheets in some free paper dispensers in
      some strategic places downtown, like Complexe Desjardins, and in the grocery
      store in Place Dupuis. A great number of people pass there everyday.

      Since those places are carfree indoors and the volume of pedestrians is high
      of course, the chances to get people interested to extend this wonderful
      carfree habitat outdoors as well should be good. When the typical pedestrian
      will be aware that going carfree is not a dream, then we can more easily
      form a strong group of people to attract the attention and get some of car
      drivers to think it's possible to abandon the car culture.

      I'm sad although not surprised, to know in US and Canada no city yet has
      dedicated a carfree zone for the WCFD.

      The fact that gas prices are high, it's a good time to make promotion, and
      hopefully attract the media attention in North America.

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