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14341- Montréal vs Portland, 2- Ridiculous VW car ad

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  • Louis-Luc Le Guerrier
    Aug 28, 2000
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      Here in Montréal on the local newsgroup a montrealer asked us if he can more
      easily live carfree in Portland than he does in Montréal. He wants to
      determine if he should move to Portland or stay here.

      He asked about public transportation and walking in particular.

      Unfortunately nobody here seems to have lived in both places for a
      significant amount of time.


      Amoung the ridiculeness and unreality of car ads, here's one that probably
      beats the record.

      You first see a woman standing next to her bike, another person on foot,
      somewhere on a land with some nature. Suddenly the VW passes really close
      to them and the 2 people start to run after it. The 2 heros are also chased
      by several "ennemy" horseback riders. Suddenly the car brakes and puts
      itself in the way of horses and *miraculously* the vehicle doesn't get run
      onto by the horses (the images before let us think the collision can't be
      avoided). One of the heros gets on the passenger seat, and the car goes
      away, apparently with no more ennemy chasing it.

      This is serious, because the car showed potential danger to people outside
      of it (the 2 heroes), and then the driver has been in danger while stopping
      in the way of running horses.

      So if we assume the best for the company: the person watching the ad wants
      to buy a new car, I sincerely believe he won't be tempted to buy this car
      after this ad because the danger it showed. Furthermore it didn't give
      technical details or price.

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