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1306Re: Car Statistics

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  • Michael Schramm
    Aug 3, 2000
      >Although it may not seem realistic it is very true. The deaths are
      >mainly from foreign countries that are new to the technology of the
      >automobile. Please go to www.wri.org to see for your self if you
      >have any doubts.

      I did but could not determine where to link to in order to view the
      stats. Anyway, I suppose I trust them. Autocentricity in developing
      nations does seem to be outstripping efforts to implement mass transit
      and human powered mobility by far. Unfortunately, that the U.S.
      continues to be a role model for modernization plans for these nations
      is the core of the problem. The number of cities in this world that
      are following the example of Curitiba, Brazil are all too few.

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