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1301Re: [carfree_cities] Re: Car Statistics

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  • Andrew Preble
    Aug 2, 2000
      Michael Schramm wrote:

      > This doesn't quite gel in my mind. This equates to some 789,000
      > fatalities globally per year. Seems to be on the high side given that
      > statistics indicate domestic automotive causalties range from
      > 35,000-45,000 annually. With the U.S population representing 5
      > percent of the global population and expecting a disproportionate
      > number of auto related deaths to occur here (say 20 percent) I would
      > expect worldwide causalties to fall in the 200,000 range.
      > Nevertheless, it still cuts away at the "logic" that the automobile is
      > the price we must pay for mobility in the modern age.

      Although it may not seem realistic it is very true. The deaths are mainly from
      foreign countries that are new to the technology of the automobile. Please go to
      www.wri.org to see for your self if you have any doubts.
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