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12685Re: [CARFREE_CITIES] Spammed by Urbanful

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  • J.H. Crawford
    Aug 7, 2014
      I'm not getting any Urbanful spam (although I get plenty from other sources).

      Somebody's server may have been hacked.

      >=v= I'm wondering whether anyone else on this list has found
      >themselves opted into a new-ish venture called Urbanful, who
      >then inundates you with MailChimp-wrapped items on a nearly
      >daily basis.
      >=v= They have culled their spamlist from online petitions.
      >I've signed some of these now and then, sometimes with the
      >understanding that the group (e.g. Smart Growth America)
      >would send me future action alerts, but I have never given
      >them permission to put me on spinoff spam lists.
      >=v= California has absurdly lenient spam laws, but Urbanful
      >is violating even those. Whatever content they're providing
      >doesn't forgive this horrible business practices.

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      J.H. Crawford
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