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12684Spammed by Urbanful

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  • Jym Dyer
    Aug 7, 2014
      =v= I'm wondering whether anyone else on this list has found
      themselves opted into a new-ish venture called Urbanful, who
      then inundates you with MailChimp-wrapped items on a nearly
      daily basis.

      =v= They have culled their spamlist from online petitions.
      I've signed some of these now and then, sometimes with the
      understanding that the group (e.g. Smart Growth America)
      would send me future action alerts, but I have never given
      them permission to put me on spinoff spam lists.

      =v= California has absurdly lenient spam laws, but Urbanful
      is violating even those. Whatever content they're providing
      doesn't forgive this horrible business practices.
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