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12666Fwd: Announcing the inaugural issue of the Journal of Sustainable Mobility

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  • Richard Risemberg
    Jun 20, 2014

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      Subject: Announcing the inaugural issue of the Journal of Sustainable Mobility
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      Greenleaf Publishing
      The Journal of Sustainable Mobility - Inaugural issue out now
      The Journal of Sustainable Mobility
      General Editor: Michael Zhang
      Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University, UK


      Published in association with Nottingham Trent University, UK, Cranfield University, UK, and the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), China
      ISSN 2053-2350 (online) Published twice annually


      "It is surprising it has taken so long for a journal to emerge that deals specifically with sustainable mobility . . . The Journal of Sustainable Mobility is long overdue."
      Dr Paul Nieuwenhuis, Cardiff University, UK; author of The Business of Sustainable Mobility


      We are pleased to announce the inaugural issue of the Journal of Sustainable Mobility. The Journal of Sustainable Mobility is the first of its kind, bridging cutting-edge engineering and technology developments with social science applications to create an interdisciplinary forum to debate and further the development of green transport for the future.


      Focusing on the sustainable developments of the automotive industry and road transport management systems, the Journal of Sustainable Mobility explores the links between transportation, technological management and innovation, energy use, and sustainable development and responsible business, presenting academic research alongside practical application in order to inform policy and practice.


      Topics covered include:
      • low-carbon vehicles technologies,
      • renewable/clean/green technologies;
      • biofuels and other sources of renewable energy;
      • transportation management systems;
      • vehicle emission controls;
      • sustainable transport policies and governance
      The Journal of Sustainable Mobility is published by Greenleaf in association with Nottingham Trent University, Cranfield University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. JSM is associated with the Annual International Symposium on Sustainable Mobility. The journal was launched on May 28 at the Second International Symposium on Sustainable Mobility, held at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, China. 


      Editor-in-Chief Dr Michael Zhang is Reader in International Strategy at Nottingham Business School. He said:


      "The continued collaborative effort from the three institutions (NTU, Cranfield, and CAS) means we will be holding the symposium annually. As the Chair of the symposium and Editor-in-Chief of JSM I am delighted to see it happening at a time when the world is witnessing increases in population, in the numbers of vehicles in use, and in the annual CO2 emissions and CO2 concentration in the atmosphere.
      The contribution to those increases from large emerging economies cannot be overstated. I hope that both the annual symposium and JSM will become the home for researchers, policymakers, and businesses to exchange ideas, share knowledge, stimulate learning, and shed light on the evolving paradigm change of sustainable mobility."


      JSM is essential reading for academics, practitioners, policy-makers and others interested in the latest research and thinking on sustainable transport and mobility.


      Visit www.greenleaf-publishing.com/jsm for more information. 


      Issue 1 Table of Contents 

      Introducing the Editorial Advisory Board (click here to read) (PDF)  Michael Zhang, Paul Nieuwenhuis, Francis Assadian, Siwei Cheng

      Paradigm Change of Mobility in the Twenty-first Century  Michael Zhang and Baback Yazdani, Nottingham Trent University, UK

      Mechatronics in Sustainable Mobility: Two Electric Vehicle Applications  Stefano Longo, Daniel J. Auger and Francis Assadian, Cranfield University, UK

      The Effect of Matrix and Reinforcement Material - Selection on the Tensile Properties of Hybrid Composites    Francesco Silva, Sophia Sachse and Huijun Zhu, Cranfield University, UK Krzysztof Pielichowski and Agnieszka Leszczyn´ska Cracow University of Technology, Poland, James Njuguna, Robert Gordon University, UK

      Challenges of the New Energy Vehicle Industry in China  Lingling Zhang, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, Zili Feng, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, Weili Teng, Nottingham Trent University, UK, Minjun Shi, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

      Electric Cars in the Rural Context: Developments in Wales    Daniel Newman, Cardiff University, UK, Peter Wells, Cardiff Business School, UK Paul Nieuwenhuis, Cardiff Business School, UK

      Research Note: Collaborative Architectures for Sustainable Mobility: City Traffic Scenario  Evtim Peytchev, Nottingham Trent University, UK

      The Rise and Fall of Fisker Automotive: A Cautionary Case Study  Paul Lienert, Michigan State University, USA

      Book review: The business of sustainable mobility: From vision to reality

      Tabani Ndlovu, Nottingham Business School, UK

      About the Journal of Sustainable Mobility

      Notes for Contributors

      Call for Papers
      We are inviting calls for contributions to a Special Issue of The Journal of Sustainable Mobility based on the theme of the Second Internation Symposium on Sustainable Mobility: Sustainable Mobility in China and its Implications for Emerging Economies. To read the full Call for Papers and for submission details please visit our website.

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