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  • Jason Meggs ~ VOTE4ME!
    Apr 10, 2013
      Dear Friend,

      I wonder if you can take a couple minutes to help me with a special request. I'd really really like to be able to go to the biggest international bike policy & planning conference in the world. I've even been asked to speak there. But unlike the carfree cities conferences I've helped produce, it's very expensive. Fortunately, they created a contest, and at least 30 of the favorite projects and ideas will win free tickets.

      I've organized some friends and submitted four projects we hope to see recognized. All you need to do for us is to enter an email on a project page, and then click the link they send you. It's anonymous and the email is only used for verification. You can vote for AS MANY PROJECTS AS YOU WANT, and I encourage you to see what other projects you might like as well!

      Please vote for these! Our projects include, in order of importance for your support:

      1) A design and policy guide for making campuses more bicycle friendly,

      2) A survey method that will help even activists and volunteers to quickly fill the
      data gaps that can keep bicycling from moving forward in their city,

      3) A computer program that makes it much faster to gather detailed bicycle data,

      4) A fun idea to explore the best way to build a bicycle network in Venice, using
      floating paths, so boats and bikes can both share the quickest paths through the city,

      Please "vote" if you can and please share this with your friends! And if you'd like to see all the projects in the two categories we've entered (again, you can support as many as you want), check out:

      Category 1: Science, Research and Development (our projects 2 & 3):

      Category 2: Urban Planning and Urban Design (our projects 1 & 4):

      Please also visit www.eschercity.com/who-we-are, our growing team of green city designers, engineers, public health professionals and planners that are working on these and other projects.

      You probably know that I donate hundreds, sometimes thousands, of hours a year to the cause of bicycling and healthier, more sustainable, more equitable cities. If you live in California in particular, you've probably benefited from state legislation I championed to passage, and any number of other policy and infrastructure improvements, the Bike Station, access to bridges and public transport, as well as cultural events like the international bike film festival, critical mass events, and simply fighting for our rights to ride.

      If something happened to you on a bicycle, and you asked me for help, chances are I would do whatever I could, whatever it takes, to help you get justice. So I hope you can spend a minute or two to support these ideas if you like them!

      THANK YOU!!!
      Jason Meggs

      ...from Bologna, Italia ~~ dove usare una bicicletta �� come battaglia midieval...

      p.s. if by some chance this email has reached you in error, apologies; you are in my contact list which may be out of date
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