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12539"Money for costly roadwork would be better spent on transit"

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  • Richard Risemberg
    Mar 29, 2013
      Great article from the Philadelphia Inquirer. A quote:

      > Transportation advocates hate to compare transit and road projects, since they're financed from different pots of money. But this schizoid approach has cost us dearly. No highway project has ever made a city a better place to live, while transit projects improve our quality of life in a variety of ways, and are better for the environment.
      > Marilyn Jordan Taylor, the dean of PennDesign and a renowned transportation planner who has worked around the world, argues that no other developed nation spends its transportation funds so haphazardly. States dedicate money to low-priority road projects simply because they have the political mojo to claim federal funds. North Dakota, for instance, has cashed in big, despite having virtually no congestion. Yet we continue to treat mass transit like an unloved stepchild, even though Taylor argues that rail and bus projects "are far more cost effective."

      The link:


      Richard Risemberg