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12404When was Prague pedestrianised?

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  • eriksandblom
    Sep 20, 2012
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      Prague has a lovely car-free area in the historic part of town. It was pedestrianised before the Berlin Wall came down (I know because I visited in 1988).

      For some reason nobody ever talks about this even though it's every bit as noteworthy as the famous Strøget in Copenhagen. I can't even find out when it was done. Obviously it was a political decision to do it, and maybe that's the reason there's so little information on it: it was something the communists did right. (The East Bloc had a lot of tram systems too, something they shared with the German-speaking countries in the West).

      So please can anyone tell me, when did Prague get its lovely pedestrianised historic centre?

      Erik Sandblom