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12292Re: [carfree_cities] NYT's Friedman: "take the Subway"

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  • Jym Dyer
    Mar 4, 2012
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      > The link goes to my comment on his article, which is not
      > too bad really:

      =v= But ... but ... Newt Gingrich says subway-riders are all
      highrise-dwelling eeleetists.

      =v= This is an odd article, with Hal Harvey extolling the
      "efficient natural gas turbine" that, incidentally, supplies
      power in the parts of the Bay Area where he lives and works.
      A truly expert analysis must consider the continent-wide grid,
      which is mostly the coal plants he faults. It's the classic
      problem of not seeing the forest for the trees, which allows
      an elite (the non-subway-riding variety) to feel virtuous
      about recharging plug-in cars in San Francisco even though
      it consumes electricity that could go for other uses. Those
      other uses end up relying on coal, or worse.

      =v= I might be a little oversensitive about this because, until
      very recently, San Francisco actually got its peak-use energy
      from dirty diesel-burning backup generators that were located
      next to the city's African-American neighborhoods (which are
      also right alongside the Interstate, of course). 20 years ago
      I was working with environmental justice groups to shut these
      plants down, and my girlfriend worked for Mr. Harvey, who would
      drive his EV to work and plug it in during peak hours because it
      was so durned important to have it topped-up for demonstration

      =v= Amory Lovins has been invaluable on the energy-efficient
      front for decades, though his group has gotten a bit too
      accommodating towards cars that are supposedly eco-groovy
      in recent years. Honestly, it's the Russian editor who has
      the best energy-efficiency advice in the whole article!
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