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  • hkcarley
    Jan 24, 2012
      I think that the bus option has to be more supported (it is probably the only option for many--at least as a transition alternative). As a long commuter trip I personally prefer the Academy bus (NJ) to the NJ Transit trains due to the fact that they are more comfortable (quieter). I also prefer the NJ Transit buses to the local light rail due to the fact that the passenger behavior is more civilized. It seems that until people (at least in NJ) are used to using public transportation they often exhibit what I call territorial behavior (seat hogging, playing loud music, spitting, etc). Buses could be made a whole lot better and if people are told that they should have a rail or nothing they will certainly hold onto their cars like an addict (which they are likely to do anyway). I don't think a rail will be coming to most places in America. I think the first goal should be to get the private cars out.
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