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12180November Issue of New Colonist Online Now

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  • Richard Risemberg
    Oct 31, 2011
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      The November issue of The New Colonist is online now at:

      This month we feature:

      Seeing Shanghai: Observations on Urbanity


      Shanghai is a city undergoing a rapid transformation. The tour guide
      book indicated there were currently some 2,000 skyscrapers under
      construction. Yet there are pockets of old Shanghai extant, narrow
      alleyways you walk into where merchants are selling items and cooking
      on the street corners. You'll find livestock wandering about and
      clothes hanging on wires stretched between second story windows.

      Can Slowth Calm City Traffic?


      Neighborhood advocates aiming to decrease the presence of cars in
      their neighborhoods have been stymied by obstinate drivers entrenched
      in automobile dependence. Sometimes there's no other choice but to
      try something new--something more akin to the international Slow
      movements in everything from food to art to the cities themselves.

      Time As Money: Local Currencies for Healthy Communities


      Love it or hate it, whether we have a lot or a little of it, money
      plays an enormous part in our lives. One of the worst aspects of
      money is its tendency to accumulate in the hands of the few, and thus
      cause all sorts of misery for everyone else. This might seem odd, at
      first; after being disconnected from the gold standard, paper money
      is not, essentially, worth anything. Its value comes from our belief
      in it....

      A Hard Change Has Gotta Come: the New Music Scene in Los Angeles


      Every musician who plays music in this city, is aware, whether
      consciously or subconsciously, of the always-present possibilities of
      getting their big break: being seen and approached by someone in the
      industry who can give them a career playing music. That's why you
      move to Los Angeles if you're a musician--because this is where you
      can make it

      Richard Risemberg

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