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12139September New Colonist Online Now

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  • Richard Risemberg
    Aug 31, 2011
      The September issue of The New Colonist in online now at:


      This month's feature articles are:

      "It's Not Just the Television"
      Sitting on your ass too much, whether in front of the tube, at your
      computer, or in your car, is killing you....

      "A Living Stadium for LA?"
      Will a proposed football stadium right in Downtown LA be a benefit to
      the neighborhood, or a traffic sump on game days and a dead weight on
      the city the rest of the time?

      "Where Has the Civility in Civilization Gone?"
      Our Bangladesh correspondent ponders on a world gone mad with greed

      "Small Town Support in the Big, Bad City"
      Phoenix shows that heartland villages haven't cornered the market on

      And of course our blog, our City Pages, and our extensive archives
      that put ten years of cutting-edge exploration of the urban world at
      your fingertips.


      Richard Risemberg

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