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  • J.H. Crawford
    May 2, 2011
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      Hi All,

      I had the message below from Sam Christy this morning and thought it interesting enough to forward to the group.

      The attachments are at:




      Would you be interested in promoting the term carfree as an identity for people who do not own cars? Obviously, the term carfree is certainly not new, but it is generally used to refer to cities or events and less often to individuals. My hope is to make the term a positive and common identity for people who do not own cars in the same way that vegetarian provides a positive and common identity for people who do not eat meat. For people who have chosen this unconventional lifestyle, a carfree identity would provide a sense of belonging to a larger community. For people who have never learned to drive, can't drive or can't afford a car, it would turn the social stigma of feeling car-less to a social positive of being carfree. As with all movements, having an identity would also encourage more people to join.

      I have attached a carfree graphic that you are free to use. It was designed for 4.25" x 1.38" sticker that I ordered from 123stickers.com (I was not able to find a local sticker printer in my area). I am presently distributing these stickers in Cambridge, MA and I would be interested in any help you could provide for promoting the concept. Please let me know if you haves suggestions or questions.



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