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11808Every is starting to get the picture

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  • Richard Risemberg
    Apr 29, 2010
      Even little old farragut, TN, is getting it. From a recent article
      in the local paper;

      > “We have developed a mentality of looking at developments and
      > incorporating the pedestrian and bicycle needs,” Shipley said.
      > “So you’ve got not just a facility to run errands or go to church
      > or school; you’ve got a sense of community,” he added.
      > But that doesn’t mean Farragut’s pedestrian and bicyclist network
      > is complete.
      > The Town still needs to close both small and large gaps in the
      > network, as well as improve commuting opportunities to make them
      > safer.
      > “If we’re going to develop a really connective community, we have
      > to come up with ways to cross these huge roadways,” Shipley said,
      > citing the massive widths of parts of Kingston Pike or Campbell
      > Station Road.
      > Kingston Pike, he said, “is a barrier to most people” who walk, run
      > or ride bikes and separates the Town into two pieces."

      > Shipley also talked about “complete streets,” or streets that are
      > constructed to accommodate all modes of transportation from the get-
      > go.
      > “You provide for the automobile, you provide for the bicyclists and
      > for the pedestrians,” Shipley said.
      > Such streets often include bike paths, sidewalks, greenways,
      > crosswalks, raised medians, turn lanes, landscaping and wide
      > buffers separating pedestrians and bicyclists from vehicle traffic.
      > “This is an active, live street … that invites use. There is no sea
      > of asphalt … you almost make it park-like,” Shipley said.
      > “These are the streets of the future,” he added

      Read the entire article:


      Richard Risemberg