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11783How America Led, and Lost, the High Speed Rail Race

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  • Richard Risemberg
    Apr 1, 2010
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      A quote:

      > How did America get to where it is today, a country with the
      > slowest and most threadbare intercity passenger rail service of any
      > advanced nation?
      > Not so very long ago, we were not in this humiliating position. In
      > fact, we operated trains that amazed and impressed the rest of the
      > world. These trains were called streamliners, and their very names
      > � Silver Meteor, Flying Yankee, Rocky Mountain Rocket, Denver
      > Zephyr � connoted speed and luxury. In the period between 1935 and
      > 1950, the 10 fastest scheduled passenger trains in the world were
      > all U.S. streamliners.
      And a link:


      Richard Risemberg

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