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11749Re: [carfree_cities] Riding the bus changes her view

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  • Chris Bradshaw
    Mar 5, 2010
      The article mentioned an advantage to riding that should have been
      emphasized more: you can do other things while riding.

      Even her 15 minutes of walking can be used to read, I have found, at least
      when the traffic is light.

      We need to get the message across that driving means putting you life on
      hold and concentrate on steering that "missile" safely. Even the cyclist,
      had to pay 100% attention to piloting his bike, but for mostly defensive

      It was not that many decades ago that the person "driving" was doing hard
      and menial work, while the passengers were of higher status. The car
      industry has had to exult the role in order to sell cars.

      But with Blackberry's and other smart phones, as well as digital book
      readers, and the social life of sharing space with others, people,
      especially younger ones, are realizing the downsides of being a driver.
      Steve Atlas pointed to another: being able to notice more during the ride
      than a driver can, not to mention the good-riddance to the parking-space

      Chris Bradshaw
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