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11747World Streets - change in notification routine starts today

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  • Eric Britton
    Mar 3, 2010
      Paris, Wednesday, March 03, 2010

      Yesterday World Streets celebrated its first anniversary. Hurrah! And one
      of our hopes for Year 2 is that we will now become not only better but also
      more efficient, including in our certainly too copious mailings in our (too)
      earnest attempts to keep you all informed about progress and publications.

      As part of this, starting today we have decided to simplify radically the
      process of communication about our articles and contributions. To this end
      we have created a separate forum which you are invited to visit at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WorldStreets/. And for an explanation of how
      this works, we would refer you to today's lead posting at
      <http://www.WorldStreets.org> www.WorldStreets.org, entitled "The World
      Streets Forum, Library and Reading Room".

      Against this backdrop, the present note is to invite you, if you are
      interested to follow what is going on in the world's only sustainable
      transportation daily, to do one of two things, both of which considerably
      more efficient than my relentless peppering of several of our New Mobility
      fora with almost daily postings over these last months.

      . The first option is to invite you to sign in to the new forum, for
      which you will find full details in today's lead article.

      . The second will be to suggest you set up an RSS link, for which
      you will see full guidelines in the left column of the journal.

      That's it. World Streets is a great read, but we have to make it easier and
      more agreeable for all of us in the future. I hope you appreciate this
      advance, and as always we look forward to your suggestions and eventual
      contributions to the Journal.

      With all good wishes,

      Eric Britton
      Managing editor

      For World Streets at <http://www.worldstreets.org/> worldstreets.org

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