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115072010: The Year of the Woman in Transport

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  • Eric Britton
    Sep 2, 2009
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      In this piece the editor of World Streets goes out on a limb and proposes
      not only that the year 2010 should be formally
      1600-h/ws-janes-eyes-4.jpg> nominated as "The Year of the Woman in
      Transportation" but also that something resembling gender parity be
      established at least as high profile examples in as many places as possible
      - DURING THE YEAR. (But there is plenty of room for you to make your voice
      heard too.)

      Admit it. We have made a right mess of our transportation arrangements.

      --> Full text of this article appears today in World Streets
      <http://newmobilityagenda.blogspot.com/> at http://WorldStreets.org/

      --> To read all World Streets articles on politics click to

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