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11350Re: Two takes on "green" cars

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  • chbuckeye
    May 1, 2009
      Sorry to hear about your friend, but this seems like an accident borne of a careless driver rather than a silent car.

      Any time I see a car stopped at an intersection I think it's safe to cross, as did your friend. Since cars generally are bigger and faster than pedestrians and cyclists, you don't have much time, if any, to react to a car that decides to enter the intersection you're already in, even if you do hear an engine revving.

      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, Jason Meggs <jmeggs@...> wrote:
      > Glad to hear the "silent" car hazard is being studied.
      > A friend of mine who is pregnant was recently struck by a prius while riding
      > her bicycle, injuring her sacrum and complicating her pregnancy with severe
      > pain from the injury.
      > The prius was stopped, evidently the driver was talking on the phone. My
      > friend, an experienced cyclist, rode out into the intersection to cross and
      > was suddenly on the driver's hood, then the street, didn't hear the car
      > coming. Brings the "gun with a silencer" concern home, personally.
      > The police still have not issued a report, months later, and I have to fear
      > based on experience that it will be unfairly disfavorable to her.
      > Jason
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