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11325Re: Fare-free public transit

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  • Erik Sandblom
    Apr 17 11:50 AM
      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, "chbuckeye"
      <coleridge3150@...> wrote:
      > I agree that more cycling would be great, but it isn't possible for
      everyone. Particularly for the very young and very old, and in
      extreme weather conditions.
      > I cannot see the populations of say, Buffalo, Cleveland, Chicago,
      Minneapolis -- US cities that see a fair amount of winter snow --
      agreeing to move en masse to only walking and cycling.

      The very young and old aren't likely to drive cars either, or cope
      with a twisting, turning bus.

      In UmeƄ, population 110 000, 20% of all journeys are done by bicycle,
      and almost as many on foot. That's even though the town is located at
      63 degrees north. That's further north than Anchorage, Alaska. You
      just need to plow the bike paths.

      I agree that transit needs to be improved and expanded. But I don't
      think lower fares are the answer, mainly because it discourages
      walking and cycling for short journeys. I want to re-iterate that
      50% of the working population in the USA commutes five miles or less
      to work. This needs to be considered when looking at the future of

      Erik Sandblom
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