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11304Re: "Biden rolls out $1.3 billion for Amtrak"

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  • Greg Steele
    Apr 6, 2009
      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, "chbuckeye" <coleridge3150@...> wrote:

      > Can someone confirm whether that is in fact the case in Europe and Japan? I had previously heard that passenger and freight traffic share at least some of those tracks.

      I can confirm that Amtrak operates 100+ speed trains on the same tracks as freight and yes, the freights do beat up the tracks. The US is the only country with high speed (100+ mph) that does this. An antidote: An Amtrak engineer got into a disagreement at an international conference with a French engineer who insisted that the Amtrak engineer was lying about this because "it was impossible to run freight on the same tracks as passenger rail."

      With the stimulus money, there are plans, works to begin soon to create/improve freight ROW to move some of this traffic off Amtrak ROW in the Northeast Corridor(NEC). There are also a number of improvements to eliminate sharp curves and add tracks on the NEC being funded with stimulus money. With NJ transit, Metro North and the Long Island RR all sharing New York Penn station with Amtrak and all experiancing increased ridership and adding more service, there are traffic jams getting into and out of NY. There are plans to add track and improve signaling and control to improve this.

      Long distance on-time performance has been improving the last couple of years, because increased gas prices have helped freight profitability. Therefore, the freights have been putting money into long differed improvement in track and signaling.

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