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  • Richard Risemberg
    Jan 31, 2009
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      Certainly the best article of January, perhaps of the year:


      Great ideas from Philadelphia--which had some pretty great ideas 250
      years ago too, leading to the found of the US.


      "Philadelphia has 40,000 vacant lots. Their best use is now for
      growing fruits, berries and veggies. Same with many of our 700
      abandoned factories: These are prime sites for vertical and roof
      farms, hydroponics, aquaculture, mushrooms. Plant the parks, too.
      Greenhouses extend seasons. Land breathes again when abandoned
      parking lots are depaved. Edible landscaping blooms meals. Edible
      community centers process neighborhood yields. Fallen leaves stay in
      neighborhoods to become new soil. Feeding kitchen scraps to worms
      (vermiculture) builds the food of food."

      "...ride a bike. Hop on the bus. Revive street rail with ultralight
      passenger cars. Restore regional freight routes. Raise transit funds
      with local gasoline tax. Make pathways for bicycles, rollerblades,
      skateboards, Segways, scooters and wheelchairs. Restore canals. Zone
      for mixed use, to reduce travel needs. Live near your work. Employ
      multitudes making mosaic sidewalks. Convert paving to playgrounds."

      Mentions groups now working on the next civilization, including one
      of our favorites, Carfree Cities.

      Richard Risemberg