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11178Re: bike parking for residential buildings

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  • Matt Hohmeister
    Jan 26, 2009
      I don't know how much available outdoor space you had, but I once saw
      a great idea at a residence hall in Tallahassee: a "bike cage".

      This was a fenced enclosure on the side of the building with several
      bike racks in it and a self-closing, self-locking door. Residents with
      bikes would get a key and could lock their bikes to racks inside the cage.

      The big problem: it was extremely overcrowded, with bikes even locked
      to the fence itself. The building management probably didn't want to
      invest into expanding the size of the cage, and there was also a good
      chance that departing residents would abandon bikes to stay forever
      locked up in the cage. The solution to this would be to require the
      tenants to register their bikes, and tell them that if they move out
      and don't take their bike with them, you'll remove the lock with an
      angle grinder and donate the bike.

      As nice as the bike cage idea was, I'd offer these improvements:

      - Put a roof over it. This would prevent fence-jumping and, more
      importantly, protect the bikes from direct rainfall.

      - Put visitor bike parking right outside the cage so visitors won't
      lock their bikes to the fence itself.

      - Use a vinyl-coated chain-link fence, or better yet, wrought iron.
      IMHO, outside of athletic fields, galvanized chain-link fences have no
      place in urban environments.

      All the apartments I've lived in have had outdoor bike parking, and
      I've always forgone it in favor of parking my bike inside. I'd have
      been happy to park my bike in a cage, and my vacuum cleaner would have
      thanked me.

      --- In carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com, Elizabeth Trice <etrice2@...>
      > Hi,
      > Can anyone send me examples or pictures of bike parking that's been
      built into an apartment building? I need to find a good way to store
      25+ bikes for residents in a building I'm helping to rehab.
      > Elizabeth Trice
      > Portland, Maine
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