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11100Re: recycling big-box stores

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  • Matt Hohmeister
    Nov 19, 2008
      Good points. Poorly built big boxes, essentially disposable buildings,
      will likely wind up demolished. I know that Tallahassee has plenty of
      abandoned big boxes, and nobody wants to buy or lease them.

      There are two other building types whose future makes me wonder:

      - Large enclosed malls. The Tallahassee Mall here opened in 1971, and
      seems to be well built, as it has withstood countless additions and
      tenant modifications. However, this mall is 747,000 square feet and
      over a quarter of a mile end-to-end, which is pretty out of place in
      any carfree environment, unless you give it its own metro stop. Will
      these buildings wind up in the hands of metal recyclers too?

      - Parking garages. They dominate the landscape in the downtown area
      and higher-education campuses here. FAMU has had one for a while, TCC
      just got its first, and FSU just got its fifth. I can see two fates to
      these things:

      (1) Demolished. These things are quite difficult to convert to indoor
      space, thanks to short ceilings and, well, giant ramps between floors.
      A 6-story underground parking garage here with buildings on top of it
      could wind up abandoned, being too difficult to demolish.

      (2) Parking. As surface parking lots disappear and roads turn into
      usable public or private land, parking garages would remain to hold
      what few vehicles remain. Maintain a 20 mph road with speed humps from
      the garages to the nearest highways. Privatize the parking garages so
      their costs are actually covered by parking fees. The only problem:
      nobody wants to be anywhere near a parking garage, especially one
      frequented by college students who tend to have car alarms, extremely
      loud stereos, and mufflers designed to amplify engine noise, all of
      which radiate for blocks.

      > Some issues here:
      > So, I would not waste a lot of time and effort on this question.
      > Most of these buildings will be demolished and their steel
      > members recycled. Some of the utility installations might be
      > salvaged. The rest is land fill. Lots of it.
      > Joel
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