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11096Re: recycling big-box stores

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  • Matt Hohmeister
    Nov 17, 2008
      I find this quite interesting because because I'm interested in how to
      convert existing areas to carfree without having to demolish existing

      I'm also not exactly a fan of eminent domain, so I'd rather not use
      that to make carfree development.

      If an area becomes carfree, land prices per square foot will go up
      considerably; I think the developers converting big boxes would be
      happy to sell off strips through their property to make public
      streets. A single existing big-box property would probably be turned
      into several blocks: the big box itself on its own block, with all
      other blocks ranging in sizes from 200 to 400 feet on a side. These
      streets would probably range in width from 10 to 100 feet, so it
      wouldn't exactly be a loss to the property owner.

      I know that a property owner could easily just build their own streets
      on their carfree property, but that's not the point. Privately owned
      streets mean that the owner can dictate terms of use; I don't call it
      publicly accessible unless it's publicly accessible 24*7 with no
      restrictions aside from causing a nuisance or danger.

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      > Hi All,
      > This is moderately interesting:
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      > Joel
      > Big Box & Beyond
      > Today's Temples of Consumption Don't Have To Be Tomorrow's Ruins.
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