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10966Re: Ride the City bike route finder for NYC

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  • Jym Dyer
    Jun 28, 2008
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      | [New York City] does have a growing network of relatively
      | safe bike lanes (thanks largely in part to Mayor Bloomberg).

      =v= Bloomie has been no friend to bicyclists. Under his watch,
      the NYPD has increased its harrassment of bicyclists and have
      taken to seizing locked, parked bicycles (a Giuliani-era law
      designed to roust the homeless by seizing "abandoned property"
      has been misapplied to parked, locked, bicycles). NYC has been
      a great biking city for years, and I've always been far more
      concerned with theft than a shortage of double-parking lanes,
      oops, I mean bike lanes.

      =v= Though parking remains a huge problem, there has been some
      considerable improvement in greenways, expanded carfree hours
      in the parks, and the proposed carfree Summer Streets. If a
      politician must be credited, all this has been going on since
      Janette Sadik-Khan was put in charge of the Department of
      Transportation last year. I think the true credit belongs,
      though, to the vibrant and visionary bicycle activist community
      that has been tirelessly pushing on these issues for years.
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