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10954DC: procrastination nation

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  • J Ganaposki
    Jun 16 7:44 PM

      Washington, D.C., has set its sights on a streetcar line --- and has
      gone so far as to invest nearly $10 million (160 million Kc() for three
      trams from the Czech Republic. But there's a hitch. Although the trams,
      or streetcars, were bought three years ago, the track on which the trams
      will run has yet to be built in the U.S. capital.


      This foreign report highlights the incompetence and dithering endemic to
      the "democratic" process of the U.S. legislature. They can vote to spend
      other people's money but can't stop dithering over where to put the
      rails in "their" district of Columbia.

      Despite the "fuel" (fool?) crisis, I suspect that the trams will be
      rusting away for years before any rails are laid.

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